Dancers posing after class

At Scarsdale Ballet Studio, we recently had the honor of hosting an unforgettable masterclass led by Skylar Brandt, a principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre and a distinguished alumna of our school. Held on December 3, 23023, this event was not only a celebration of ballet but also a testament to the success and influence of our alumni.

A Day of Inspiration and Learning

The masterclass with Skylar Brandt was an extraordinary event, marked by enthusiasm, learning, and a shared passion for ballet. Skylar, with her remarkable skill and insightful teaching, provided a unique experience for attendees. Participants, ranging from SBS students to ballet enthusiasts from the broader community, were captivated by her technique, grace, and the personal anecdotes of her journey in the world of professional ballet.

Community and Connection

Seeing a former student of SBS return as a celebrated professional created a full-circle moment, inspiring current students and attendees. The studio buzzed with excitement, questions, and discussions about ballet, career paths, and the arts. It was truly a day that strengthened the bond within the local ballet community.

Gratitude and Looking Forward

We extend our deepest gratitude to Skylar Brandt for sharing her expertise and experiences with us. Her visit was not just a masterclass in ballet techniques but a masterclass in passion, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence.