What to Expect When You Attend Class

The following protocols will be in place for in-person classes during the 2020-21 season until further notice, to ensure a safe space for students and staff.  Please review these along with the checklist below before coming to class. 

  • Please arrive at the studio in your dance attire. The dressing room is closed! When you enter our building, be sure you are wearing your mask. Upon arrival at the entrance of the Scarsdale Ballet Studio lobby, please maintain a distance of six feet while waiting your turn to be admitted. One dancer at a time may enter the school premises. Only caregivers with children under the age of six may accompany the student to the classroom.  They must be wearing a mask, and may not remain in the lobby during class. 

  • After answering general questions about how you are feeling and any possible Covid-19 exposure, you may enter the SBS lobby. Dancers, remove your street shoes, put them in a plastic bag, and put on ballet slippers. Bring your plastic bag, water bottle, yoga mat, and all other personal items with you into the studio in your dance bag. Try to use the restroom before you arrive in order to limit bathroom trips. The water fountain has been disabled.

  • The teacher will assign your spot. 100 square-foot areas have been taped off. This will be your spot for the class. We know how happy you will be to see your classmates and teacher, but you must remember to stay at least six feet away from anyone at all times.

  • Have a wonderful class!

  • At the end of class, you will be dismissed one at a time to change back into your street shoes.

  • Review the checklist before coming to class to ensure you don’t forget anything! 

In-Person Dancer Checklist

  • Water Bottle (no water fountain in studio)

  • Ballet shoes (no shoes provided in studio)

  • Yoga mat for stretching

  • Small hand sanitizer

  • Face mask, plus extra in case it gets too sweaty

  • Bag to hold all your items while in the studio

  • Street shoes to wear prior to entering.  Please do not walk into the building wearing your ballet slippers! 

  • Be sure you are healthy and have not been around people who are ill

  • Optional: barre sleeve to cover the barre while you hold it.  An easy DIY! https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=679727179535627

IMG 9997 1024x768 - COVID-19 Dancer Protocols