Ballet in the Heart of Westchester County


Exciting Updates for Fall 2022! Welcome to our new home for ballet in the heart of Westchester County! Our whirlwind 2021-22 season was filled with accomplishments. Happily, we were able to present our traditional Nutcracker “live” last December for the first time since 2019. We wrapped up our second term with a very beautiful recital at Tarrytown Music Hall alongside in-studio showings for our younger dancers’ families.  Another SBS class of accomplished dancers has graduated, and we couldn’t be more proud of them. Tiaras off to Maya Kai, Elizabeth Morrison, Eleanor Roberts, Emily Shiromoto and Mary Catherine Windels! We know [...]

Ballet in the Heart of Westchester County2022-08-11T11:19:33-04:00

Adult Ballet Variations Class


Adult ballet classes will help improve your mobility, posture, coordination and energy level. All ages welcome! Mondays 10:30-12pm INTERMEDIATE STUDENTS Fridays 10:30-12pm BEGINNING STUDENTS Learn variations from classic ballets. Each class begins with a 45 minute barre and then center work focusing on training exercises for the particular variation. Instructor, Rosemary Saur has been teaching ballet for 20 years and received her Professional Dancer’s Teaching Diploma from the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance. She has Registered Teacher’s Status. Release your inner swan and learn how to move with grace and ease!

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COVID-19 Dancer Protocols


What to Expect When You Attend Class The following protocols will be in place for in-person classes during the 2020-21 season until further notice, to ensure a safe space for students and staff.  Please review these along with the checklist below before coming to class.  Please arrive at the studio in your dance attire. The dressing room is closed! When you enter our building, be sure you are wearing your mask. Upon arrival at the entrance of the Scarsdale Ballet Studio lobby, please maintain a distance of six feet while waiting your turn to be admitted. One dancer [...]

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What We Are Doing To Keep You Safe


The health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority.  We are doing everything we can to ensure a safe space to continue sharing our love of dance!  Please be familiar with our protocols and the following guidelines.  They are subject to change as we continue to follow state regulations.  You can also read Diana’s welcome letter for more details about our 2020 Fall season! We successfully held our summer intensive in-studio, and feel confident that we can continue to keep dancing safely.  Please let us know if you have any questions. Cleaning [...]

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Welcome To Our 29th Season!


Dear SBS Dancers and Families, I am beyond grateful to announce Scarsdale Ballet Studio’s 29th Season! Thank you for being patient while we were anxiously waiting to be sure that our re-opening could proceed as planned under the current NYS Guidelines. We are thrilled to say we can now offer our dancers the safest possible in-studio instruction and/or synchronous virtual classes. As a former ballerina, flexibility, strength, and “thinking on my feet” were some skills I learned that have stood me in good stead. I now look forward to continuing to pass these and other skills on to our dancers!  I [...]

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Diamonds Memories


Diamonds Memories I hope everyone at SBS will take advantage of the rare opportunity to watch the Balanchine/Tchailkovsky/Karinska masterpiece Diamonds, performed by the New York City Ballet, and available for streaming on the NYCB website from now until May 22nd at 8 pm. Suzanne Farrell and Jaques d'Amboise I have a long and romantic personal history with this ballet! I saw it for the first time as a child in  Chicago in 1968, with the original lead cast, Suzanne Farrell and Jacques d’Amboise. Of the three ballets that make up Jewels, Balanchine’s ground-breaking, evening-length plotless ballet, Diamonds was my [...]

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Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day! Today, I’d like to send all of you “Ballet Moms” out there my utmost good will and support. Throughout recent history and in stories and cinema, mothers of ballet dancers have attained legendary status, and have sometimes gotten a bad rap. While most of this is myth, I can tell you that during my 28 years at Scarsdale Ballet Studio, I have met well over a thousand moms and helped many of them navigate the occasionally bewildering world of their child’s dance education. Several of these women have become my life-long friends. As I reflect on this, I [...]

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International Dance Day


Hello, Everyone! Today is International Dance Day! I wanted to celebrate this day by announcing our new SCARSDALE BALLET BLOG. Here is where I and your teachers will share our thoughts on dance, our training tips, and send you links to videos that we find enriching.  We want to keep you updated about what is happening at SBS and in the world of dance. I want you to know that staying connected while inspiring and encouraging all of you is at the top of my list during this very difficult time. I am constantly looking for ways to keep you engaged [...]

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A Letter From the Director – China Travels


Dear SBS Students and Families, As I continue to travel for the Balanchine Trust, setting some of the greatest ballets of our time, I want to share my experiences with you.  Currently, I am working in Cape Town, South Africa, and over the summer I spent a month in Beijing, a new and wonderful experience. More details to come from South Africa, but here are some photos from my time in China. At the Temple of Confucius In Beijing I staged  the Diamonds section of George Balanchine's Jewels as a celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the National Ballet [...]

A Letter From the Director – China Travels2019-10-10T13:19:02-04:00

Top Four Benefits of Ballet


Beneficial for children (and adults)! Ballet is a holistic approach to life-long wellness for children and adults alike.  For simplicity purposes, let's focus here on the kids.  When it comes to after school activities, children these days have more options than ever before. So, why should you make time for ballet?  Many people think you take ballet classes only to become a ballerina - not true! Ballet is one of the few activities that can boast multiple health benefits all in one.  Everything you do can be improved through ballet -  just ask our SBS alumni who have gone on [...]

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