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Events, performances, class schedule and school calendar.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding registration or level placement, and we will be happy to help.

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Performing experience is a vital part of a dancer’s education.  Our online calendar has informative information regarding upcoming student performances and recitals, as well as local Studio events.  We encourage you to visit this often for up-to-date scheduling.  Please contact us if you need assistance.


“I cannot imagine that with her past experience, that you will find better training
or performance experience for your children than what Diana White and Scarsdale Ballet has to offer.”
Donald D.

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“Our daughter loves Scarsdale Ballet. The administration and teachers are
very responsive.”
Mayra K.

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“So far this was our little one’s second year here and she loves it.  The
teachers are wonderful. She has learned so much.”
Dahiana M.

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“So happy with everything that is Scarsdale Ballet…both my girls
are thriving under the direction of the wonderful teachers.”
Stefanie P.

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“I’ve been taking adult classes here for the last 7 years.  Love it,
learning so much, and always coming back for more!”
Laurie S.

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“The Adult ballet class at SBS has been a very rewarding experience.  I began classes at 47, and
appreciate the supportive yet challenging atmosphere.”
-Maria K.

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