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Diamonds Memories


Diamonds Memories I hope everyone at SBS will take advantage of the rare opportunity to watch the Balanchine/Tchailkovsky/Karinska masterpiece Diamonds, performed by the New York City Ballet, and available for streaming on the NYCB website from now until May 22nd at 8 pm. Suzanne Farrell and Jaques d'Amboise I have a long and romantic personal history with this ballet! I saw it for the first time as a child in  Chicago in 1968, with the original lead cast, Suzanne Farrell and Jacques d’Amboise. Of the three ballets that make up Jewels, Balanchine’s ground-breaking, evening-length plotless ballet, Diamonds was my [...]

Diamonds Memories2020-05-21T12:19:01-04:00

Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day! Today, I’d like to send all of you “Ballet Moms” out there my utmost good will and support. Throughout recent history and in stories and cinema, mothers of ballet dancers have attained legendary status, and have sometimes gotten a bad rap. While most of this is myth, I can tell you that during my 28 years at Scarsdale Ballet Studio, I have met well over a thousand moms and helped many of them navigate the occasionally bewildering world of their child’s dance education. Several of these women have become my life-long friends. As I reflect on this, I [...]

Mother’s Day2020-05-10T21:25:20-04:00

International Dance Day


Hello, Everyone! Today is International Dance Day! I wanted to celebrate this day by announcing our new SCARSDALE BALLET BLOG. Here is where I and your teachers will share our thoughts on dance, our training tips, and send you links to videos that we find enriching.  We want to keep you updated about what is happening at SBS and in the world of dance. I want you to know that staying connected while inspiring and encouraging all of you is at the top of my list during this very difficult time. I am constantly looking for ways to keep you engaged [...]

International Dance Day2020-04-29T18:54:13-04:00

A Letter From the Director – China Travels


Dear SBS Students and Families, As I continue to travel for the Balanchine Trust, setting some of the greatest ballets of our time, I want to share my experiences with you.  Currently, I am working in Cape Town, South Africa, and over the summer I spent a month in Beijing, a new and wonderful experience. More details to come from South Africa, but here are some photos from my time in China. At the Temple of Confucius In Beijing I staged  the Diamonds section of George Balanchine's Jewels as a celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the National Ballet [...]

A Letter From the Director – China Travels2019-10-10T13:19:02-04:00
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