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Top Four Benefits of Ballet


Beneficial for children (and adults)! Ballet is a holistic approach to life-long wellness for children and adults alike.  For simplicity purposes, let's focus here on the kids.  When it comes to after school activities, children these days have more options than ever before. So, why should you make time for ballet?  Many people think you take ballet classes only to become a ballerina - not true! Ballet is one of the few activities that can boast multiple health benefits all in one.  Everything you do can be improved through ballet -  just ask our SBS alumni who have gone on [...]

Top Four Benefits of Ballet2018-09-19T09:19:56-04:00

Three Myths About Adult Ballet Classes


Myths debunked! Thinking about taking an adult ballet class for the first time?  Feeling nervous?  We’ve got answers to all your questions and concerns! Whether you took classes years ago or never, there is always a spot for you at our barre! But first, let's clear up some common myths about joining an adult ballet class. 1.  You have to wear a leotard and pink tights. This is the most common question when speaking with a new adult student.  “But, do I have to wear all the stuff?  Tights?? Leotard?? Tutu??”  The short answer is: No!  Most adults [...]

Three Myths About Adult Ballet Classes2018-09-04T18:56:58-04:00
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