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Welcome to Scarsdale Ballet Studio, a beacon of classical ballet excellence since 1992, nestled in the heart of White Plains. Renowned across Westchester County and the greater New York area, our studio offers an enriching ballet experience for everyone:

  • Creative Ballet classes for ages 3-6
  • Regular Ballet classes for Beginner and Intermediate level dancers ages 7-18
  • Conservatory and Conservatory Pro classes for Advanced level dancers ages 9-18
  • Special classes for Pointe, Character, Repertory, Partnering, Stretch & Strengthen, and Contemporary Dance
  • Adult Ballet classes for Beginner and Intermediate level dancers age 18+

Under the guidance of Owner and Director Rosemary Saur, holding a Professional Dancers Teaching Diploma from the prestigious Royal Academy of Ballet in London, and with advisory from our respected Founder and Artistic Director Emeritus, Diana White, a celebrated former New York City Ballet ballerina, you’ll be immersed in an environment where passion meets expertise. Our international faculty dedicates itself to nurturing dancers at every level – whether you’re taking your first steps in ballet or refining advanced techniques, whether you dance for joy or aspire to take the stage professionally.

Participation in Competitions: We proudly participate in the prestigious Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP), offering both team and individual opportunities. This platform allows our dancers to showcase their talent, gain invaluable experience, and receive recognition on a national and international level.

We offer private lessons: These one-on-one tailored sessions provide personalized coaching, focusing on the individual needs and goals of each dancer. It’s an opportunity to refine technique, receive dedicated feedback, and accelerate personal growth in ballet.

Our studio regularly hosts workshops led by notable figures in the ballet world: We’ve had the honor of welcoming stars like Skylar Brandt, a distinguished alumna of Scarsdale Ballet Studio and now a Principal Dancer with the American Ballet Theatre in New York. These workshops offer an incredible chance for our dancers to learn from the best, gain insights from their journey, and be inspired by their achievements.

Tailored classes for Figure Skaters and Gymnast: Improve flexibility, core strength, posture, and alignment, leading to more precise and stable movements. It also fosters musicality and rhythm, allowing for better musical interpretation and artistic expression in their routines.

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