Performing Opportunities

We believe that performing experience is a vital part of a dancer’s education. The Studio offers the opportunity to perform on two different levels:


This is an opportunity for dancers to prepare for and participate in a full-length performance on a higher level. 2014 will be the eleventh year of our very successful and exciting program. It requires dancers to commit to weekend rehearsals from mid- October through March and to pay an additional rehearsal and costume fee. In past years we have staged classical works such as Swan LakeLa Bayadere, and the Firebird as well as Balanchine ballets such as Walpurgisnacht Ballet, Valse Fantaisie, La Source, and others. Dancers must be current students of the Scarsdale Ballet Studio to participate in Concertdance.

On March 29th and 30th we will be performing Coppelia.  Dancers in the following levels are encouraged to sign up and participate: Level C, Intermediate, Conservatory, Advanced, Pre-Professional.  Sign up sheet is located in the dressing room at the studio.  Please sign up by October 9th to ensure casting. 

End-of-the-year Recital

2014 Recital Schedule

All students in each class are invited to participate in this demonstration performance, with the exception of the three-year-olds, who will have a demonstration at the Studio. Each class will be scheduled for one of several shows to take place during the recital weekend. Students who take more than one class per week may appear in more than one show. The recital dates will be posted in the fall, but the specific schedule will be announced after the second semester of classes has begun. It is not possible to accommodate schedule conflicts for everyone, though an exception is made for religious observers. Please let us know at the beginning of the year if this is the case. Rehearsals for the recital take place during regular classes and begin in the spring. The pieces the students perform are an extension of what they have been working on in class, so that rehearsal time continues to be an opportunity to work on technique. Regular attendance is extremely important during rehearsal time so that valuable class time is not wasted “catching up” students who have missed classes.

2014 Dates and times:

 June 14th 12:30  June 15th 12:30
June 14th 5:30  June 15th 5:30


Location:  Dance Theater Lab, SUNY Purchase.  If you have never been to this theater, please allow a little extra time to find it on campus.  The entrance to the theater is in the Dance Building directly across from the Long Island University Westchester Campus at Purchase College.  Excellent directions can be found by going on their website and clicking on the Campus Map link.  We will also have signs on campus directing you where to go, though we strongly recommend looking at the map prior to the rehearsal day.


Tickets:  Tickets may be purchased at the studio in advance.  If your child is appearing in 3 or more shows, you will receive 2 complimentary tickets for the 3rd, and 4th shows.  There is a 5 ticket limit for each family to ensure everyone tickets.  Starting June 8th, you may purchase any additional tickets you may need.  We strongly recommend purchasing tickets in advance as shows have sold out in the past.


Arrival: Please refer to the schedule at the studio as well as on our website for your class’ specified rehearsal time.  Rehearsals take place before each show.  Please arrive at the theater 15 minutes prior to the start time of the rehearsal.  Each rehearsal is only 10 minutes long, so it is crucial to be on time! When you arrive, the volunteer at the door will check you in and direct you to your child’s teacher.


Rehearsal:  There will be a specific section for parents to watch their child’s rehearsal.  During the rehearsal, we ask that you please watch quietly so as not to disturb the dancers or the tech crew, who have a very limited amount of time to work on each piece.  You may take photos during this time as well.  Once the rehearsal is finished we ask that you please leave the theater until the show begins.  Dancers will be taken backstage with their teachers and will remain there until the show begins.  There are a lot of students backstage and it can get very crowded, so to limit the number of people we ask that parents do not come backstage until the end of the show.


During Performance:  Once students have performed, and they are not in any other pieces, they will be escorted to the audience where they can watch the remainder of the show.  They will be sitting on the floor in front of the stage and will stay with their class.  Each show will only last one hour, therefore parents may not take their children out after they have danced.  All of our students have worked hard throughout the year, and leaving in the middle of the recital is very disrespectful.  Following the performance, we ask that you clear the theater and dressing rooms quickly as the next show’s rehearsal will be starting shortly thereafter.


What to wear:  All students will receive costumes at the theater following their rehearsal.

Creative students: please arrive wearing class attire (pink leotard, tights, and shoes) with hair up and out of their face.  If it is possible, hair should be in a bun.  They will receive their costumes backstage, which they may keep.

Students in Intro Ballet and up: please arrive wearing a black sleeveless leotard with pink tights and slippers, and hair in a neat bun.  The following levels may keep their costumes: Intro Ballet, Level A, and Level B.  The following levels must return their costumes after the recital: Level C, Intermediate, Conservatory, Advanced, Pre-Professional.

Male dancers: please arrive in black tights and a white t-shirt.

Makeup should be limited to blush and a little lipstick.  No glitter or brightly colored eye shadows.


What to bring:  Some students may have a longer wait than others after their rehearsal.  If necessary, students may bring a snack.  We ask that no greasy foods or colored juices are bought to protect the costumes.  Students may also bring cards or other things to keep them occupied.  Younger dancers will be provided with coloring books and crayons.  Please also bring extra bobby pins and hairspray.



Scarsdale Ballet dancers may audition to perform in outside productions such as the Nutcracker at SUNY Purchase. We encourage them to take this opportunity, with the understanding that tuition cannot be refunded for classes that are missed.